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Hi all,
I have a 2006 rwd SS with 90k miles.
just recently as I drove home my engine made a ticking/ knocking sound as i pulled away from a stop light, it seems as if the sound got louder with acceleration. I was 2 blocks away from home when it happened. Truck has been parked since then, i know a Spun bearing can be the issue. I pulled the oil filter and cut it open and found some metal shavings. Have not drained the oil or moved the truck. I did start it the next morning to see if i could pin point the noise as it was late at night when this fist happened but the sound was completely gone. What are you guy’s suggestions?Can any further damage be prevented with minimal repairs or what am I looking at cost wise to get it back on the road? It’s stock besides pick up tube and pcm of nc trans cooler and k&n air intake.
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