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Kaminari Scott Style Hood

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Just checking with the community to get a review of the hood.

Carbon Fiber Clear Coat hood I wanted to know the quality?

Are these hood ridged enough that you won't need hood pins?
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Love the look but I'm not going to drill for hood pins or latches on a $1600 hood.
Always glad to have other people's options here.
Well, NONE of the manufacturers have any provisions for pins so if you're unwilling to do it yourself, they will ALL be safety-compromised. When and if that hood does fly up while at speed and someone gets seriously hurt, you won't be able to blame it on manufacturer... Says right on their website to use hood pins. They won't be the one being held legally responsible for the accident. The person who will get sued is the one who thought they were too good for manufacturer recommendations and car builder consensus.
In thanking you and Mitch for your options I decided not to spend the money on something that I feel would look unappealing and you go on a rant. Interesting
Having paint work done anyway so that's an option of the late 60s early 70s SS stripes.

Just would to need to figure a color. The gray looks great!
If we wanted light weight cars, then we chose the wrong vehicle all together.

The perception of the cowl induction hood made of carbon fiber interests me but without the required frame work of safety and no provisions provided by the manufacturer is a huge turn off to me.

Mitch did give a good option of the old style SS stripes to make the vehicle you own without losing safety aspect.

I want to replace the hood due to rust on the underside frame where water collected somehow before spring in the Northeast.
Only found 1 person in thr local area with the Scott Style hood, with you guessed it no hood pins. (Philly)

No worried at all about the install of them but putting pins through the hood or a large hole with a latch.
I do have these painted onto my hood. It's subtle and sometimes you can't even see it and then the light hits it just right. Of course a vinyl wrap is substantially cheaper too. View attachment 105119
Well this has become research for my car....
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