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Kaminari Scott Style Hood

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Just checking with the community to get a review of the hood.

Carbon Fiber Clear Coat hood I wanted to know the quality?

Are these hood ridged enough that you won't need hood pins?
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Most do not install those.

many do add a new clear as a precaution. Many don’t too.

be warned on shipping, don’t accept it if you see external box damage. Kaminari will address it for you if it’s damaged but that means another 1-2month wait. It’s been pretty common for their shipments for the past year
It is very good practice to use hood pins with any fiberglass or carbon fiber hood.
and potentially extremely dangerous to not use them.
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Lots run the aerocatch latching system. But I'm more partial to the quik-latch with its tiny pop button, and easier install.
In the mid 2000's a school buddy of mine just closed on selling his gorgeous '97 supra on eBay. He let someone drive it just around the block and they forgot the cotter pins and the hood flew up and back smashing the windshield and upper frame of the windshield. That really sucked on timing!
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Love the look but I'm not going to drill for hood pins or latches on a $1600 hood.
You’d think for $1600 they could include $50 of provisions of some sort of additional latching…. Inflation sucks. Thanks Obama. 😛
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As an aside, Amerihood is an option too. Lower cost fiberglass and needing more prep. So it's a wash in cost.

There is one more brand, has 2-4" bulge or whatever it's called. So a direct competitor to kaminari. I can't think of the name though. I only know how to buy them, from a guy on facebook. If I find the name I'll post it here
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I do have these painted onto my hood. It's subtle and sometimes you can't even see it and then the light hits it just right. Of course a vinyl wrap is substantially cheaper too.
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Custom made to order Sarona. They make more than hoods too

To follow-up from finding the other vendor offering Cowl hoods, it's glasstek. 2 and 4" fiberglass hoods. Made to order. Apparently service from there is top notch and shipped well. Nothing but positive reviews in dealing with that brand in the various top tbss groups on Facebook.

There is also a couple places in CA, on Instagram doing completely custom hoods. Taking a camaro zl1 hood center section and welding and grafting it to the trailblazer hood. All steel construction.... I don't do Instagram so you'll have to do your own searching.
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