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Ive looked thru everything and cant figure it out

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Ok let's just give the whole story from the top...

Truck has leaked down overnight since I've had it years day driving down the interstate I hit a bump and the truck almost immediately went to the bump stops so I pulled over turned the truck off and back on and it aired back up and I drove home. In the weeks after that it would do it more often but always air back up. Then it got to where it would only air up when I shook the truck or wiggled the leveling sensor. Then I go to leave a buddies house and the compressor ran but wouldn't air up and I realized the driver side sensor arm was broke.

I ordered a new sensor and put it on..tried the removing the fuse and all of that but the compressor wouldn't kick on. I looked and found the trick removing the front bolt on the sensor so I made it where it would sit as high as possible...air compressor didn't kick on at all....rotated the sensor all the way to low and the air compressor ran for 5-10 seconds but nothing happened....

Anybody have an idea of what's going on? Compressor will air a tire and I've sprayed the bags before and didn't see a leak.
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I replaced both air bags on mine and this problem went away.
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