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I've gotten my Belltech's installed and need help.

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I installed my Belltech's last Monday I have driven nearly 200 miles and have noticed the front pass side is setteling.
The Driver Front is at 31"
The Pass Front is at 30.25" ?:dunno: ( they were even at first)
The Rear driver is at 32"
The Rear Pass is a hair under 32"
What can I do about my front pass dropping 3/4" Do I need to contact Belltech or is their any fix I can do? I cut the front bump stops in half and used the lower portion, the part with the metal sleve.

Has anyone else had a simular issue? By the way I'm AWD not sure that it really matters.
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I think it might be something with our trucks. I used the collars and my passenger side is about .25"-.33" lower also.
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