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Just got my 07 TBSS, I freaking love it so far.
Everything except the navigation/headunit.
What a POS.

Why would anyone want a nav unit that you can't listen to a CD at the same time as looking at a map, come on GM!

So anyway. The above rant would be moot if the darn thing just had an iPod adapter.

I have found several that claim they can control the ipod with the steering controls. They all say however if you have factory dvd player in the rear that it wont work anymore after installing the adaptor.

Anyone have the Nav with Bose and rear dvd that has added an ipod adapter ?

should I just go to an aftermarket head unit ?

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BOSE = Buy Other Stereo Equipment
Go aftermarket but any head unit you get would need a separate steering wheel interface along with a GMOS-4 interface that will link the new HU with the crappy BOSE junk in our trucks. Google SS shoot out and you'll learn a lot.
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