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Intermittent brake dragging...

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I get on the freeway heading to work after about 15 miles my 02 trailblazer feels like it's pulling a bus..the brake pedal is fully hard, when I take my foot off the accelerater the vehicle drastically slows. When I leave work 8 hours later no problems, in fact it won't show up again for a week or so....any ideas.
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What brakes are dragging? Front? Rear? Left? right? all four?

Does it start all the sudden driving at freeway speeds or get progressively worse after a few stops?

The last time I saw something like this, it was because somebody decided to top off the brake fluid reservoir. Only problem was they put oil or some other petroleum product in the brake fluid. Which of course swells and damages every rubber component in the system.

But the fact that it doesn’t come back for weeks seems odd.

This is usually easy to check for, just take the cap off the reservoir if it is very swollen, most likely a petroleum product was introduced.

Could be as simple as a torn inner lining in a rubber brake hose not allowing fluid to return from the calipers. I seem to remember having more than one base trailblazer do this years ago.
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