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Impromptu gathering in Steele, AL Dec. 14th for some racing

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I'm going to set a date for some racing in Steele, AL on Dec. 14th at Alabama Int'l. Dragway. Since my track is closed for the season, and I want to see what the new tune and tires do, I'm going to head down to Steele. Other people have expressed interest in going, so I figured I would make a thread about it. :)
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Sounds good guys. :)
gates open at 11am, with racing starting at 12, and running til dark.
Just bringing this back up for a reminder. :)
I guess I don't see where they are misspelled. :confused: But, if they were, and someone fixed them, it's because I copied and pasted the message onto several various local message boards. :)
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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