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.... so I'm not really new, more correctly stated.

I AM however, retired from the Auto Repair Shop Owner-Operator in SoCal for over 50 years.

I was CARB and CalEPA certified as a Brake-Lamp-Smog-Air Brake Inspector, Installer and Adjuster.
I had California Smog License # 0-0013, so you know that was a long time ago.
I was installing KV-CV systems on vehicles with open crankcase ventilation - and that was in 1962ish.

I retired, moved to Montana and here I am - breathing the cold, crisp clean air. 'Cold' because it's 22°F right now - and snowing - which it intends to do for the next 8 or 9 days they say.

Winter's a-coming and I cannot wait!
Lots of snow, sub-zero temps - dog sleds - snowmobiles - ice fishing - wood fires - etc.
Life's fun at 46.133°N Latitude!
I intend to stay in Montana until I die because I had my lungs damaged in VietNam and I have 2nd Stage COPD.
Breathing is getting harder - and I don't want to drag a little green bottle around for the rest of my life.

I build guitars - basses mostly - in Fender-ish designs mostly.​
I trout fish​
I river canoe​
I dabble with Linux​
I raise a few chickens​
I farm a 10 acre plot for grass or alfalfa bales to sell.​
I like to put $500 in my pocket and drive in a single compass direction for $250-worth fishing or sightseeing along the way and then turn around and come back.​
I was a certified pressure hull welder in the days of 6011 IP and 7018 LoHi AC stick welders.​
I play music at convalescent homes - before Covid, anyway...​
I paint an occasional car or truck for fun.​
There's more - but this is becoming TL-DR now, so I'll quit.​
PS: Oh yeah - I'm retired so I like to write a lot. I wanted to be an English Lit teacher.
Alas! I digress..................

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LOL I’m 69 1/2 my Ss is kick to drive, even for an older man too. Welcome Sir looking forward to your input. Thank you for your service, and Welcome Home. I’m also a Vet. 69-78
Have a great day.
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