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i hope this is the right place...

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... to ask about who makes the "best" tune? on the other sites, i see some people using ADM and some with the Tune time and others with PCMforless. out of those or others that i dont know about, who is the easiest to use/install? all i plan on doing as far as mods are concerned is the basic bolt-on stuff: cai, tune, cat-back, etc. i wish i had the $$ for a maggie but unless someone has a slightly used one they need to get rid of (hint, hint), i will probably never have one.

any and all help is, as always, very appreciated!

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This argument can go on forever. I do not think there is one best tune. Each tune is going to be different. It depends on what you want to do. Many people have been happy with ADM, Vector, TTP or others. I went with ADM because he is local to me and there is no down time. For you, there will probably be at least a day or two of down time for you to send your ECM to someone to tune it.
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