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Just thought I would share that with my fellow Christians! ;-)

After my build is done, I have decided to devote the remainder of my life helping others. (promised the Lord my last big build, only CAI, exh, tune dand or simple inexpensive stuff from here on - not counting maintaining the new beast).

Being a current member of a paranormap group, Im going to do my first house blessing this week if all goes well. They are having terrible activity. 20mo old baby being scratched from neck to bottom on stomach, then 10 min later on back. (3 scratches mocking the trinity) They have had things thrown from the counter - a correll ware plate that broke (hard to do), a change cup fly across the room, a cieling fan blade metal piece bent so badly down they cant use it (10"), door bei g slammed in face, a boot flung out of a bin, and thats just the last week or so. She wanted a medium to clean the place, and removed four of the 6 entities discovered. One relative stayed (protector spirit - supposedly) and another that was bad that wouldnt go, so she bound it. However on the ghost box it said there where 7 entities, and since its a three unit building it was most likely hiding in another unit. So the activity continues, so we are going back and do and investigation and leansing, blessing and exorcism if needed. Just to give you an idea of how active this place is, during our initial interview we did a mini investigation and had 97 responses to questions via EVP and the Ghost Box. In addition to that we used the k2 meter and we're getting constant answers to our questions. Especially from the friendly relative. So wish me luck in my first cleansing.

Dont worry about me, nothi g can follow me inside my home, but after the initial inestigation - it messed with my car... lol My airfilter which I had just adjusted a few days before fell off on the ride home. (Didnt know at the time, just ran bad and wanted to die at low rpms). Not paranormal you say - could it have been me not tightening enough? Read on.... The next day while driving with my wife to home depot, it happened again! And that thing was beyond tight. Bad clamp you say? Well I blessed the property and shielded the whole condo and attached one, and no problems since. Running fine last few days. So if anyone thinks the paranormal isnt real, I have many pictures and audio recordings to prove it. (Please dont ask for me to share personal ones of peoples private problems - I do have some pics to share from investigations of public places. Like the gymnasium pic (published in a book I took of misty appariton) Or of a shadowy pic of what looks like a nun praying in a cemetary, faces in windows, and other places they dont belong, etc. I even investigated the Villisca axe murder house seen on Ghost Adventurers. That was unique, cowbow boots heard on wooden floor upstairs when nobody is up there, I could go on and on. My days of doing investigations for fun are over. I now only do them for those needing help. So if you have a haunted house with UNFRIENDLY activity, or know someone that needs help and leave reasonably close give me a call. 262 391-9974
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