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HP Tuners

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Is this a tough software to use? I was thinking of purchasing, but I have never had any tuning experience and was wondering what the best approach might be to learn how to use HPT.
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Having a tune to start off with is like having a study manual or learning guide.
Yea that makes sense :cheers1:

The learning curve is too steep if you never have done it before. You really need to make small changes and test if you dont know what you are doing.

Getting a tuner to start it for you is a good idea. There are only a couple mail order tuners that I know of that will sell and unlocked tune. Make sure you get a good one as a bad one will have you going the wrong direction from the gitgo. Alvin that was NOT directed at you.

bwl101, think hard about getting the enhanced version off the bat. I ended up upgrading in 10 days which cost me more money.

Why did you switch to the Pro version after 10 days?
So I could log wideband. But its nice to be able to log runs without a notebook as well.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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