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How not to launch your boat...

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My awd wouldn't have any problems on those slippery ramps. ;-)
Around here we have sandy loose gravel at some boat landings, gets a little scary sometimes pulling out with a wet boat and a steep climb. No troubles so far with the 5000 pound awd beast.
the last one... got someone with a strap and had them start pulling...

the BEST time at the lake out here.. .is watching the idiots try to get up the boat ramp.. at the end of the day... 1/2 the time most of them are lit and trying to do it..

epic funnies

My father's retarded ass thought (key word) he could tow and launch his new ski boat with his, also new, Delta 88...yeah, unless the locals pulled that car out of the's still there somewhere. :rofl: That was back in like 1980.
Infamous words, "Just hold my damn beer....I got this."

:rofl: :doh:
My favorite was the jetski going into the van! Haha It was awesome!!
I see lower units of outboards get dragged up the ramps all day!!! Never seen a car go in the water like these.... but that would be awesome to see in real life!!!!
this is funny stuff, you cant make this stuff up.:rofl::rofl::rofl:
Yeah, the Jetski in the Van Id seen before....Crazy stuff.

That last one was the worst!!! I would've punched that loud mouth bitch in the mouth! BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!
Gotta love Bill Dance bloopers.

The other weekend I saw a guy drop his boat right on the ramp as he was pulling out of the water. Dam it was classic
Theres a ramp here that you slide down untile the boat hits the water to stop you. Getting back out is fun sometimes too. Never seen anything like thouse though. :rofl:
In the last one....that guy is just plain and simple ignorant. Why keep getting out....
I agree, that women needed to thrown off into the lake!

1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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