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how difficult to change input sprag?

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i'm picking up a used transmission from a fellow forum member. my current tranny has a bad input sprag, due to the weak oem design. i want to put the borg warner dual cage unit in the new one before i put it in. i just wanted to know what i'm in for. i don't have access to a service manual, but i'm very mechanically inclined.
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I wouldn't really advise anyone to work on a Auto Tranny without some experience. Also need special tools in most cases. You could mess up moe than you fix!
i know, that's why i'm asking. if i have to tear deep into it, i won't mess with it. if it's pretty simple, i'll be fine to do it myself.
you will have to remove the pump, and the forward assemblies, disassemble them to get to the sprag..

leave it to someone who knows what they are doing...

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