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Got a few questions folks.

First the carfax on my 07 SS says it has one service record but didn't indicate what it was. Is there any way of finding out what it was? Other than that everything on the report is clean.

After reading a previouse post about a guy who bought an SS that had 3 different engine replacments it got me a lil scared.

I bought my vehicle from a Chevy dealer GM-certified pre-owned. If the car had anything like that done would they have to state it and would it be considered a lemon under the carfax report?

Thanks in advance.

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will do after work. The carfax is clean the car runs great im just a lil paranoid cuz of that poster but if da car did have an egine replaced would it have been stated by the dealer or carfax?

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VIN: 1GNES13H072126288 Model: CS15506-2007 TRAILBLAZER SUV 2WD
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Service Update Bulletins N060091 06091 ENGINE/POWERTRAIN CONTROL MODULE REPROGRAM **EXTENDED TO NOVEMBER 30, 2006** 08/30/2006 Closed

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Emission Limited Warranty 02/21/2007 323 MI 02/21/2010 50,323 MI
Emission Select Component Ltd Wty 02/21/2007 323 MI 02/21/2015 80,323 MI
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08/09/2006 A26288 ZPDI----Pre-Delivery Inspection Z7000 - Pre-Delivery Inspection - Base Time


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Sorry for the double post i was replying through cell.

Like i stated earlier there are no signs of the truck ever haveing an engine replaced i was just a lil scared from that post i read thats all.

Thanks to everyone for the help.
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