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Headlight and Fog Light Switch From Japan

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I saw this switch and had to buy it because it's "plug and play". I will need to add additional wires to the harness to use the other functions but, my goal is to use the headlight washer button as a nitrous purge or something like that. The other cool thing is it already has white LEDs in it. I also took a picture of the plugs for comparison.
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That's very cool. I could see a lot of very useful things for that switch. Any idea what pins go to what? Would be nice for auxiliary reverse and frontal lighting, maybe some additional footwell lighting...

What's the bottom right button for?
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That is a cool find. I actually added switches to mine one is to my trans cooler fan, the other was to a light under the hood. Ive been a vender of stuff I design for TBSS since 2009. It just got easier to deal with everyone on the fb TBSS groups. Think Im in 13 now. 😋
Te other switch on upper left is for my remote frt license plate which comes out of a slot in the frt chin spoiler And props up.
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