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Header install questions

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Digging into my long tubes install, speed engineering on my 09 AWD. Had 2 bolts broken off before I started, but think they'll both come off with vice grips.

My question is how the eff do I get to 2 of the bolts on the passenger side. The middle bolts I just can't seem to get to. The ones where there's 2 in the same pocket, I got one but the other I can't get to with any combination of wobbles and extensions. I THINK I could get it from above with a fine tooth ratchet and cheater bar, but it'll be a pain. I'm pretty sure I can also remove the UCA and have direct access as well. The bolt just forward of that one, I got nothing for. It's directly behind the shock tower, so I have no direct access to it. I could again probably get it from above with a magical fine tooth long reach ratchet, but don't have one so haven't tried. All the other bolts came out easily from the wheel wells with wobbles, extensions, and the impact gun.

Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks.
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I did the Eastwood coating too. But as directed, inside my kook ceramic coated LT'S. I can't tell if either really helped. At least with wrapped stuff, you can touch it for a second before being burned where as I'll sizzle and blister even with "coated," parts.

If it were coated and wrapped, I'd not worry about rust. Of course there is extra cost and time. Not to mention that 1/8" of extra thickness can make or break fitment now a days with various variables on a tbss. E.g. Frame rail touching or steering shaft touching or plug wires touching
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