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GTO efans on an SS

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Bought thru ebay for 200 bucks. Not as simple as the ls1 fans due to plug n play and harness issues, but it comes out tits once your done with alot of room afterwards.
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I went with the GTO fans also. Easy install just a little tight on the trans lines side. I had to trim 3/4"
off the bottom lip to fit over the lower part of the radiator. Love mine. I bought all the stuff to move my lines with hose fitting to replace the bottom radiator fittings also 3/8" coupling fittings to go on the lines by the lower frame where I cut them. This gives me flex lines from the frame to the lower radiator with the driver side exiting to a trans cooler. Here is who sell's all the neat fittings to get it right.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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