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Ground wire??? Please help

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Can anyone confirm this is a ground wire and/or what it goes to? Where was it originally connected? I was just wiping some things down around the master cylinder and then felt the loose cable. Pulled it out and it looked like it belonged on the fuse block because it won’t really reach much else. It wasn’t attached to anything and I don’t think it’s been connected for a while, maybe the whole time I’ve had this truck. Everything seems to be functional so I’m lost. Please help.

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After reading xlr8dss's post I decided to compare your pic to my tbss. It appears to be the ground that should be bolted just inboard of the hood hinge.
Again...referencing your pic. check the wire inside the loom...If it is a braided, unsheathed cable it IS a ground strap. See my pic.
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If TbSS's came with an underhood light mines been missing since new
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