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Give me your thoughts on this tune

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I went to tune time performance for a tune and tune pac 2 install. Met some really cool people there. Matt and mike and a few others. I have a 2007 2wd with the e-fan, CAI, 160 stat,wester tune and 40 series flowmaster with res delete, My numbers on the mustang dyno with all the mods are 301hp and 314tq. I thought that this is a little low. Matt said that the 07's have a learning curve and that they improve over time as the ecm relearns. Your thoughts on this would be nice. I know dyno jet numbers are 15% higher then mustang numbers. Am I where I should be with these mods? The iat Temp were around 110 degree

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Just go to show that Silver is the slowest color.

You would be better off with the stock muffler over the Flowmaster or go with a free-flow design aftermarket like magnaflow
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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