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Coming off the truck and up for sale soon (1-2 weeks):

I am going a different route and therefore, will be selling my Jetttstream TBSS Cold Air Intake Stage 3 WITH Intake Air Temperature Sensor Relocate Kit and K&N FIlter (Part# E-0773). I upgraded to the new filter upon installation and painted the intake tubing a textured black to match with the engine bay plastics. This includes the filter box heat shield to keep engine heat out of the stock intake box.

Intake is in great condition, with a few small imperfections on some of the tubing where the rubber couplers go over it and attach to the pipe. These are mostly unnoticeable without the engine cover and you probably wouldn’t notice them with the engine cover on. This is hardly worth mentioning, to be honest. I can take pictures of said “imperfections” later. A very easy wet sand/polish fix.

I'll have the air filter cleaned and OPTIONALLY re-oiled, depending on buyer's request.

I also relocated the IAT relocation kit sensor from the base of the filter to the top of the filter. It works great for me and there and no issues with it this way.

Installation is easy and I'm happy to help with any questions.

I would NOT run this intake without a tune. I added this intake along with efans and a 160* stat and the seat of the pants feel was very noticeable. I love the added power and sound of the intake.

Details on the kit here:

The cost of the kit new is:

Stage 3 Intake
New: 179.99 (sold out on JETTT’s site)

IAT Relocation (sold out on JETTT’s site)
New: 59.99

K&N Air Filter upgrade (E-0773) NOT the RU-3130, which I thought was too small (see picture below)
New: 46.95

**The only thing missing from this kit is the vacuum hose, which you can pick up at any auto parts store for very cheap (less than $10 I'd say). You'll only need 6-8" of it, if I recall correctly. Please contact Jetttstream directly for further details. I removed this hose and added a filter/breather to the engine line and just taped this hole off on the intake with black tape**

Total Kit New: ~ $286.93

$220 Shipped OBO
feel free to post here, PM, email, or text

Old filter

Old filter

Current filter on right
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