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gear slipping

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what up guys....need some help here my 1-2 gear is slipping and i think u can see it here
what would it be i have my gears shifting at 6500 but i dont think thats it because my other shift just fine at regular driving it wont slip but wot it does..trans is new i added shift kit and new clutches and band....think maybe adding a 2 gear billet super holder servo will work...? i have a corvette servo but it sucks....cant feel it for shit ! im gonna go to autozone and buy a LUCAS TRANS OIL FOR SLIPPIGAGE supposly it works great and stops that !
what do u guys think.....i have royal purple in the trans !
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If the fluid is not burnt, you can fix or reduce by increasing pressure by either of these two ways:

1. With a programmer, set the 1-2 shift pressures to ~12 PSI above stock.

2. Without a programmer, drop the trans pan, adjust the electric pressure control solenoid screw about 1/8-1/4 turn in. It's on the solenoid itself and you use an allen wrench. You will have to remove one of the accumulators to access the screw, that's easy, just a few bolts.

Of course you should realize if the fluid is burnt then increasing pressure will only, mask the symptom.
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