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I bought the things listed in the title and when I installed them I was unsure of where to mount the relays because my new shroud was stainless steel, not plastic. Couldn't find any info or pictures where others had mounted theirs, so I took pics of where I put mine to hopefully help someone else out.

Here are some of the things I bought:

Radiator_zps4dripado.jpg Photo by jrjr6565 | Photobucket

Look at the nice and shiny parts:

35_zpsfymuzcju.jpg Photo by jrjr6565 | Photobucket

There is an "L" bracket that comes with the 3 Relay PCM Harness that I drilled two extra holes in to allow me to mount the bracket firmly and for the 3rd relay. Then bent the side with two holes so that when I mounted it, the relays would be mounted vertically. Here are a couple of pictures:

37_zpsvum24ala.jpg Photo by jrjr6565 | Photobucket
38_zpsbd1c5mf5.jpg Photo by jrjr6565 | Photobucket

I then removed my battery and then took the bracket and put it by the horn so I could see exactly where I should drill my mounting holes. Then I removed the horn. Removing battery and horn give you extra room for drilling and mounting. You should put a small amount of grease in the holes to prevent rusting from where you just drilled through the metal. Here are a couple of pics of the holes:

39_zpsdfij6lrg.jpg Photo by jrjr6565 | Photobucket
40_zpsbvlv0umd.jpg Photo by jrjr6565 | Photobucket

I then mounted the 3 relays to the bracket. If you wanted to buy a bigger bracket you could space the relays out a bit more. The pre-drilled holes on the bracket wouldn't allow me to space them out how I preferred but then again spacing doesn't matter, I'm just picky. Here are the relays mounted to the bracket:

41_zpsumblxsjz.jpg Photo by jrjr6565 | Photobucket

I then mounted the relays and bracket and put my horns back on. Here's the pictures of them installed:

43_zps1nnmzqe6.jpg Photo by jrjr6565 | Photobucket
42_zps0yaqd78z.jpg Photo by jrjr6565 | Photobucket

The last thing you might want to know is that the factory bolts do not completely thread into the radiator. Be cautious not to damage your radiator from trying to torque them in. I'm sure nobody will do that though. Anyhow I lightly snugged my bolts in then measured to see what size I was going to need "sorry can't remember size". I bought stainless bolt and washers to go with the setup. Stainless bolts in aluminum can have corrosion after time and will seize up, use plenty of blue thread lock to help prevent this, or later you could crack or break something trying to get them out. Here is a picture of the stock bolt on the radiator:

44_zpsnqus00th.jpg Photo by jrjr6565 | Photobucket

Couldn't get photos to paste on here, if a mod wants to do that for me I would appreciate it. Thanks and I hope this helps :)
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