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FS: Winter wheels/tires

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I picked up a DD/winter beater a few days ago and no longer have a use for my winter wheel and tire combo. They are not snow tires, but I got around great with these last winter when my truck was AWD. Great for someone who wants to keep their stock 20"s looking nice, or run a summer tire on them.

-17" wheels and center caps. The wheels are in very good condition, not perfect. There are a couple of small spots on the wheels, comparable to the size of a grain of rice, where the clear has begun to peel up.
-Tires are 245 65 17s, Kumho Road venture APT. I put about 3000 miles on them last year. Bought them used on ebay, and have tons of life left. Never patched or plugged.

$400, local only please.

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Bump, just a bunch of "tire kickers" so far.
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Thats a sweet deal! BUMP
Hung over on monday morning. Good occasion for a thread bump.:burp:
bump for great deal!!
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I have the same rims! Good for an AWD track setup too.
Wish I was closer. Is that the correct size for 17's? I was thinking 245/45
Yes that's the correct size.
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