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I have a 1998 trans am 4 speed auto, it has an LS6 intake, and an non inter cooled STS turbo kit on it. Excellent interior, prob the best i've seen on a car of this age it's nicer than my 01 vette's interior.

why I'm selling, I love manual transmissions, this is an auto, i thought the turbo would help in the fun, but I still really missed shifting. Then i bought an 01 Corvette with a 6 speed.

I no longer need this car. but I don't HAVE to sell it.

It is not a WS6 car but I have a fiberglass WS6 hood that I can include with the car.

Upgrades Spoohn rear sway bar, tubular lower control arms, WS6 rear springs installed ( have the ones for the front also), LS6 intake, Ported throttle body, ported Maf 60 pound injectors.

As for trades i'm interested in, a trailblaser SS or silverado SS, mustang mach 1 or cobra maybe an 05GT, 6 speed trans am, I may have other interests, no bikes, but let me know what you have.

The bottom line is i just don't drive the car all that much. asking $12,000 if I sell it but would much rather trade.

Pictures Trans Am/

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Had 3 TransAms man so always loved those vehicles! The 6 speed manual is an awsome Trans. Good luck with sale.
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