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Polaris ryde fx front shocks 7043289 came off my 2010 shift 300 miles on them asking $160 shipped.

Tippman A-5
-polished internals stock bolt
-stock trigger
-liberty 5 position stock
-squishy paddle feeder
-flatline barrel
-standard hopper
-low profile hopper
-2 high pressure remote coil air lines
-evil (no not Steve) CF 88cu 5000psi tank with BN ninja valve
hydroed last march which is good for 5yrs from date..tank is
good for 15yrs if I remember correctly
-manual/ and assorted nick nacks..oil..screws..air line for drop
-drop forward spyder mount(tank would need mod to work)
-barrel snake
-stock feed paddles
-barrel condom
-I'll say 2000+ marblelizer & stinger paintballs from last season good for target in backyard I'd buy new for a game

$275 shipped

Oh ya baby bottle brush for cleaning too

PM me your offers and remember be patient I'm a fireman & dad lol. Thanks Dan

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DAMN. If I had a regular crew to go ballin with I be all over the Tipman to replace my VM-68. Nice setup Danny

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man, that tippman is tempting......fawk......PM me your LOWEST> i just got married....hahahaah....lemme know.:burp:
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