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FS: Front Belltech Lowering Struts

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As the title says, they are brand new in box. I have opened them a few times and one of the struts has some scratches on the surface from me pulling them in and out of the box. I do not know how to post pictures from my phone so if anyone interested wants a picture I can text/email them as many pics as needed.
I paid $220 shipped new. Asking $185 shipped.
I will be working in Austin starting Monday, for 3 weeks and I'll be staying in NE San Antonio. I will bring the struts with me and if anyone local wants them they can pick them up for $175. I'm open to reasonable offers.
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I might grab these off you, when i get time i will send you a pm.
PM replied.

Better hurry Damon. No one has committed, as of the time this post was made...

Keep in mind, if you decide to drop lower than stock you will need the djm a arms.
Sent PM I'll take them. Let me know if you want paypal, MO etc.


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