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This is a complete gaming computer up for sale i built this myself about a year and a half ago all parts were purchased brand new from This computer will run anything you throw at i was very anal with making it do so when i built it. Never has been overclocked or tweaked running all factory settings.
Computer Specs
Windows 7 Home 32bit
Bfg 800 watt Power supply
300 gig Sata Raptor 10k Rpm hard drive
4 Gigs of Corsair 800mhz memory (2x 2048 sticks)
CD RW/Sony dvd rom drives
Nforce 680iSLI mother board
Intel Core duo 2 e6850 @ 3 gigs
Geforce 8800ultra
8 adjustable speed fans and color changing Leds
Razer Led gaming keyboard
Razer Copper head mouse
Dell 5 speaker surround with subwoofer
Lg 22 inch Flattron Wide monitor

Asking $650 plus shipping


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