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Posted this up on the other forum, so figured I would put it here too just in case. Currently entertaining a job offer out of the country, and looking to part with my V as I will not be bringing it with me...and would rather not let it sit in the garage rotting away while I'm gone.

A little about the car: It's not my daily driver, but I do still take it out on the weekends, so the mileage may change a little. I would say 90% of the miles have been highway "road trip" miles, with very little city driving. Never been to the track. The car is very tame and mild mannered, and drives and sounds like stock. Very well cared for and in excellent condition. Car is always garaged, and my OCD has me hand washing/waxing it almost as often as I drive it.


2010 CTS-V Sedan
-Radiant Silver with Light Titanium Interior
-29,xxx miles
-Recaro's w/ Suede shifter/wheel
-Polished wheels
-Clear bra on front and down sides
-Interior "piano black" wrapped with black brushed aluminum vinyl
-Newer Michelin Pilot Super Sports all the way around

-Fully forged bottom end
-LS9 cam
-WCCH Stage 2 heads
-Ported snout
-9.1 lower, stock upper
-Kooks headers to hollowed cats to stock mufflers
-Fluidyne heat exchanger
-Yank SC Series converter
-Built and tuned by Garth at Leading Edge Performance here in Las Vegas

Currently making around 600rwhp as it sits on 91 octane
Has made over 690 with 9.1/2.55 combo, with a lot left on the table

As I'm sure there's plenty that I may have missed, don't hesitate to shoot me a PM if you have any questions.


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That is a bad-ass ride! Good luck with the sale.

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Wow, There is absolutely nothing about that car I would change, except for the name on the title, lol. GLWS on an incredible car! So wish I had the coin.

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Is the car in KC or Vegas?
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