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Free SS parts, u pay shipping!

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Stock rear-sway

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You know what? Where the fuk is my muffler ya bastard? lol
bro i have it, remind me about it in PM ok?? i will send it off next week.
Don't give it to him...let him suffer!
He is suffering! i been telling him for 3 weeks now i have a Magnaflow for his SS, LOL.
Don't give it to him...let him suffer!

Lil slow SS boi!!!!

Oh...I sent you that hat and now you wanna act funny huh? lmao j/k

I know your kind. You just like to use and abuse :rofl:
Got some swamp land to see ya!
Yo MT can I have the chick in the pic with the really nice bouncy air bags cause I have plans for her:jackoff::idhitit::yay2:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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