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This is a one owner, never wrecked, never smoked in excellent condition TBSS.

This vehicle has been involved on this site since day one. 43,500 original miles.

Details from Factory:
  • 2006 Silverstone AWD TBSS LT (3SS) All options except rain sense and rear DVD.
Engine Mods:
  • Texas Speed 408 using LY6 block
  • Callies CompStar crank
  • Callies 6.125' H-beam Connecting Rod Set
  • Wiseco -3cc pistons
  • ARP bolts including main studs, 12 Pt. Head Studs, Cam bolts, flex plate, damper and TC.
  • Precision Race Components 237cc CNC ported Heads w/ TSP trunion upgrade
  • LS7 Lifters, 5/16 push rods
  • Rollmaster single roller chain
  • LS6 Ported oil pump
  • Matt (LT1Z) custom cam
  • PCM of NC oil pickup upgrade
  • Fast LSXrt intake
  • Fast Fuel rails
  • LS3 flow matched injectors
  • PCM of NC Fast fuel line kit
  • Nick Williams 102mm throttle body
  • Holley Valve Covers
  • Ati Damper
  • Walbro 450 fuel pump
  • PCM of NC LS7 intake system (through the fenderwell)
  • FSR Radiator and Machined Cap
  • Scott's Performance Wires/Boots
  • ADM E-fan
  • 160 T-stat
  • Billet Prototypes catch can
  • Katech Tensioning System
Nitrous System:
  • Nitrous outlet 102mm plate
  • Maximizer 2 Nitrous controller
  • NX pressure Transducer
  • Harris Speed Work remote bottle opener
  • Harris Speed Work Blow Down tube
  • Harris Speed Work Bottle Heater
Interior Mods:
  • Custom Built Pillar for gauges. Innovate G3 gauge connected to LC-1 wideband controller & Marshall N20 and Fuel Pressure gauges
  • MSD DashHawk
  • Ultimate Racing pedals
  • Custom Machined Billet Sill Plates
Audio System:
  • Pioneer Avic 8100NEX
  • ND-BC2 Rear-View Camera
  • JL Audio 900/5 channel Amp
  • JL Audio Stealthbox Sub (10 inch)
  • JL Audio Evolution XR650csi components (front)
  • JL Audio Evolution TR525cx coaxial (rear)
Exterior Mods:
  • Scotts custom carbon fiber hood
  • True Blue Motorsports custom rear valance
  • Painted Billet Bowtie
  • Liquidome silver rear Bowtie
  • Custom Chrome Factory 20's
  • Goodyear F1 ZR directional tires
  • Billet stubby antenna
  • Redline Tuning Elite Hood struts
Driveline mods:
  • RPM Stage VI transmission
  • PCM of NC tranny cooler
  • Yank SSTB3600 Stall
  • TCM upgrade from PCM of NC
  • 300m billet intermediate shaft
  • Billet differential coupler
Suspension and Brake mods:
  • DJM upper A-arms
  • Belltech KW coilovers and Belltech rears
  • R1Concepts Drilled and Slotted Rotors
  • Ceramic Pads
  • G2 Epoxy calipers with SS decals
Exhaust mods:
  • Kooks Headers 1 7/8”
  • 3” dual exhaust
  • Dual DMH electric cutouts
  • TBM quad stainless tips

Vehicle has 43,500 original miles of which only 3,000 miles are on the current build.

Did 491 HP on dyno with mild starter tune NA.

Couple small issues.

1) Is throwing a primary coil #3 code and I do not have time to mess with it. I have swapped coils and its not that ran new wire to the coil with no success but have not went as far as to run wire to new pin on ECM.
2) Fuel pressure gauge/sender not working on the pillar gauge.
3) This vehicle from new cant sit weeks without being on battery tender. I don't know why but I keep it on tender as its a garage queen. If I drive it, then its fine.

Price is $24,000. I spent that much on mods in recent build. Comes with EFI live for tuning. Truck is setup for nitrous but has not been sprayed yet.

Build thread is here. Rich's build/resto thread

There are a hundred guys on this forum that will vouch for the quality of this truck. I have hundreds of pictures dating back to 2007 including the Texas speed invoice for current build and a PARTIAL spreadsheet showing over $25k in parts.

This is the original SS Shootout truck.

No trades, buyer provides transportation. No warranty.

Located in Des Moines, Iowa

Email me at r.mccabe AT










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He has helped countless TBSS owners over the years on here and through his ss-shootout website. I referred many posters to it. No doubt he knows his stuff. I would have no qualms buying this truck.

Site is available from internet archives, see:
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81 Posts about my dream setup right before my eyes! Outstanding quality, and extremely well taken care of.

Good luck with sale! You will have no problem selling for that price. What a deal!!!

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First and Foremost, I want to personally Thank Rich.

I have been in the SS Trailblazer world since 2012 and a part of this forum since 2014. I have spoke to Rich countless times, dating back to my first SS, that had 255,000 miles on it when I sold it- but the frame looked like it had 55,000.... I remember telling Rich that one day, one day I wanted a SS just as clean as his. The level of his Attention to Detail is not easily reached, so it's an honor that his SS will be coming home to me in July.

Why July? Well, unfortunately, I'll be heading to Fort Sill, Oklahoma for several months for some good ol' fashion Army Proto-Type Training. Rich is working with, and keeping our baby safe, until my training is over, and I can come get it.

I am extremely excited and grateful at the same time. Cheer's ya'll and Happy Hump's Day!!

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Good luck Rich. I was right there with you many years ago. Wish you could keep it forever, but I understand buddy.

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