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With a maximum lift capability at 0.660-inch our valve spring kit will fit most LS applications out there. Our kit comes complete with dual valve springs, lightened steel retainers, 7 degree locks, Viton steel-jacketed valve seals and spring locators and is a drop-in installation for many popular LS applications.

Dual Valve-Spring Specs:
O.D. 1.306 inch;
I.D. 0.676 inch;
Max lift: 0.660 inch;
Seat load: 153 lb/in @ 1.810 inch;
Open load: 400 @ 1.150 inch;
Rate: 379 lb/in;
Coil bind: 1.100 inch

Add this to your custom ground or shelf cam from FMS to help complete you package!

Price - $249.99
plus shipping
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