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First time to track. 2wd, Intake only.

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Well I took my truck to lapeer for the first time today. 2wd and Cold air inductions intake only other then suspension and my best time for the day was 13.404 @ 102.96 mph. Not to shabby for an almost stock truck. I have the timeslips to prove it also lol.
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Great time do you have a tune? who did it?
That is a good time:idhitit:
I don't know if it has a tune i'm the 2nd owner and all I've done was put an intake on it. Other then that there is nothing done to the truck other then suspension. It's possible but I havent ever checked to see if my PCM has ever been flashed and I've never driven another tbss.
Good time dude! Any weight reduction and what was your 60'? I really wanna get my truck over to lapeer soon to see what it runs. Let me know next time you guys go.

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My 60ft was 2.040 and the only weight reduction was no spare but I don't ever have it on the truck anyways.
Very nice! Maybe its one of those factory freaks.
Damn, that's a really good time for basically a stock truck and no weight reduction! Wonder what the DA was at time of the run? If my truck wasn't getting some paint work done I would've ran it today too. Funny story, some guy at my work showed me a video of your truck doing some nasty burnout and doughnuts. He was at the gumball rally or whatever and everyone was doing burnouts for the crowd. You represented the TBSS'S well.

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Awesome time for a stock truck!! Especially the trap speed. Some seem to just run well.

For comparison-
My bother's '08 with just underdrive pulley, and E-fans went 13.68 at 103mph I believe his 60ft was 2.1. But the trap speed of 103 is showing some good horsepower..... I only trapped 106mph with my mods!
I'm not sure about the DA but it was a cool, cloudy day. Perfect for some good times. I can't wait to go back with maybe some lighter wheels/sticky tires and possibly some weight reduction besides just not having a spare. I feel like I can get alittle closer to the 12's this fall for sure
Here are 2 of my time slips. I thought the faster pass had the 102.96mph but it was a diff one. They were all 102ish to 103mph. Im car 236
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I went last night with my 07 2wd k&n and muffler delete best I got was a 14.5 .
I went last night with my 07 2wd k&n and muffler delete best I got was a 14.5 .
No tune?
I was kinda worried I wasn't gonna be able to get 13's cuz Ive read alot of posts like yours but my truck has always felt strong so I wasn't too worried lol. Anyways maybe it was just the weather or track. No way to really say unless we both run at the same time/place. I hope you get that figured out though. A stock 2wd TBSS should be high 13's IMO.
Those are decent times for your truck. Most TBSS's I have seen which run times in that kind of DA similar to yours and are 2WD have some kind of tune.
Well i don't know why anyone would do a tune and not atleast add a CAI or something. Under my hood was virgin untill I put on my intake but you never know. I plan on doing under drive pully, efans, t stat and a few other small things then a tune. If I find out someone tuned it before I'll edit my posts to say so. Either way I'm happy with how it runs.
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