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Feeler: Tinted Bermudas

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Looks good, I was in the marines with a jiminez, he passed not to long ago!!

Glws id def traded if they fit the saab
I have a perfect set of tinted stockers, how much cash you looking for on the trade?
i wants, and we could change over a weekend meet up at Leftcoast or something, i gotta make it up to see Joe anyway
I'll trade ya if that deal falls through...
if i decide to trade them i would like 150 on top. that would mean you pay 150 for smoked berbudas.
How old are they?
Why selling?
Who tinted them?
i also have a set of tinted stockers that look perfect...and would do that and 150.00!!! let me know!
are these still up for grabs?
For sale now!!!!!

yea sold to Jose, thanks
1 - 12 of 12 Posts