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Exhaust Question...

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Hey guys,

Sent this question to NORCAL SS on email and was suggested to ask here. Site looks good by the way. I also go by TBlazin7 on Trailvoy. Anyways, a while back NORCAL posted something about mufflers with the list of high to low on muffler noise and size and right now I have an 06 TB 4.2L with a custom 3" single exhaust with the 5x8x18 case Magnaflow muffler on it. I like the tone but it can be loud at times. Now, I went with the center in/and center out muffler so if I want to go bigger on the muffler, the only options I have right now are the 5x8x24 case or the 6 inch round muffler at 30 inch case size because of where the driveshaft is. The question I have is, you posted about the 6 inch round but have you ever seen this muffler installed and if it sounds good and the same as an oval body. Also, would the 5x8x24 case make a noticable difference from the setup I have now even though the muffler is only 6 inches longer? Not sure if you would know, I just have seen a lot of exhaust posts by you on the Trailvoy forum so I figured I would give it a shot. Thank you very much for your reply in advance. Take care!
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