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I asked these in the other thread too, but I thought I could post any future ones I have over the next couple of days here too.

  1. Are you guys unbolting the mounts from the block, the adapter, or directly from the frame rail? I was thinking the three bolts from the frame rail, but man it doesnt look like it would come out if I did it that way, not to mention I have to pull the strut out of the way to access them.
  2. Also, The Diff looks wide too if left on, you guys say it will fit, is this with the PS Pump and the AC Compressor still in the truck?
  3. Also, What about radiator and condensor, out or in.....I hate to have to recharge the AC, but will if I have to.
  4. And The front Harness to the TIming cover, Seems to some hidden attchments on it?
  5. Is the Knock Sensor for an 06 and an 08 the Same? How About the Cam Sensor? Crank Sensor?

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i answered the first couple q's forgot the rest
1. yeah the three in the frame, behind the strut. i pulled out the strut, since you have to pull the halfshafts anyway its not a lot more work
2. diff comes out on the engine, ps pump disconnected just to avoid touching the hydraulic hoses, ac compressor left on the block/pan
3. i pulled both
4. on the front all there is is the cam position sensor, it has a little metal thingee attached to the wire to keep it off of the balancer. that wire harness continues over to the passenger side and the starter solenoid, knock sensor, and crank sensor connectors
5. this i don't know... you could just go to autozone and cross reference their replacement part numbers. i doubt they are different.
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