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Date & Time:
Saturday August 27th 2011 from 12noon to 4pm

Track Time Motorsports, LLC
3234 Rice Street
St. Paul, MN 55126

The goal of this classroom session is to help those interested in do-it-yourself tuning overcome the initial learning curve with an introduction to the capabilities of EFILive and basic how to instructions.

- There is no charge for the class.
- This is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the special in this link where you buy V2 EFILive and receive a FREE copy of the just released 2nd edition Master EFI Tuner - GM EFI by Dan Maslic how to tune book.
- I will have copies of the book on hand to sell.

EFILive V2 & FREE Master EFI Tuner How to Tune Book

The focus will be on:

EFI – Basic overview

Scan Tool
• Dashboard setup with various pids and maps including how and when to use them.
• DVT/Bi-directional controls – How to use the real-time features as both a tuning and diagnostic aid.
• Basic diagnostics – DTC’s (how to read, diagnose and clear them), understanding freeze frame data.
• The importance of the scan tool and understanding how to read and interpret the information as it applies to tuning and diagnostics.
• V2/BBL (Black Box Logging) – Overview
• Wide Band with Serial Cable

Tuning Suite
• The EFILive license system
• Explanation of key parameters and how they apply to tuning.
• How to Read and Program PCM and Operating Systems
• Transmission Tuning - Overview
• V2/BBF (Black Box Flashing) – Overview
• Basic How to tune quick tips.

Please post here if you're interested in attending so I can get a head count
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