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East Coast Drag Racers? Anyone...Bueller? Bueller?

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Hey it's been a while since I've posted but wanted to see if anyone was into BRACKET racing? We have been racing in the northeast (Cecil County, Island Dragway, Mason Dixon Dragway, Atco, Lebanon Valley, ETown RIP, etc) for a few decades and our "thing" is big heavy 4 door vehicles to run brackets. We started out running exclusively Impala SS's vs Marauders vs Magnums but over the years any big ass 4 door American muscle can run. We have 3-4 TBSS's that have/are running with us and they always had a blast.

We make it worth your while to come to the track, usually all of our events are doubleheaders. We run one bracket race and then as soon as its done we run another one. So, even if you lose first round twice you're guaranteed to get a minimum of 5 passes in.

Basically this is an open invite, our first race is at Cecil County Dragway, Rising Sun MD coming soon - March 25th!

Let me know if there is any interest?
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I'd be interested in meeting up but I haven't raced in 25 years. My TBSS became a cars and coffee queen.
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