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E40 ECM 4l80 ???

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I am trying to complete a 4l80e conversion on my 2006 Saab 97-X Arc . There appears to be alot of misinformation about actually pulling this off on a Saab . I've found tons of old posts on all kind of pages ,from saab central to HP tuners .. None of which have provided a definitive process nor actual proof of this being done successfully on a 5.3 Saab. So here i am, asking the experts, or at least the people i think have the closest experience to what I'm attempting, for advice ,or at least some guidance on this matter .I've already bricked an ecm attempting a trans patch..not trying to do that again .I followed the "sloppy mechanics " rewiring guide for converting the T40TCM for 4l80e conversion . Tested all the wireing ,tried multiple trans dice, I'm stuck at this point ..
Thanks in advance
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Thanks tshue308.... ,but that's not much help for me.. I am not looking for a stand alone tcm.. this is intended to be a daily driven truck . Basically stock . Like , I don't even have an intake on it, stock
He can help you get the computer in the trans to talk to the ECM. I have a 6l80e in mine that way. What year is your tbss ?
Never mind I think yours is different because the early ones didn't use a can network.
I could be wrong but I think you are going to have to use a stand alone.
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