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Hey guys,

I have been getting recent inquiries on the old offset pipes I used to offer with my exhaust systems in order to convert SLP or OEM exhaust to one of the square valance designs. So as I'm liquidating inventory (due to a move) until the next production, I thought I might as well push out the last few valances to make it easier to install.

So first-come, first-shipped on the remaining 8 Dual Square and 3 Single Square will get FREE stainless 2.5" offset pipes to match up the tips.

NOTE: Images demonstrate difference in centerline exhaust tips exit and relationship to valance openings. Because these were originally made from our dual square valance exhaust system design, the photographs show the offset pipes on the dual round (aka SLP/Borla/Stainless Works) exhaust style. Therefore, your application would have the offset tips with twin tip exhaust valance.
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