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Driver's Seat jiggle

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I saw this very old post on the forum concerning the driver's seatback jiggling.

Driver's seat jiggle FIX, finally!!woohooo!

Wanted to see if anyone is still around that has done this.

The seatback on the driver's side is doing this but cannot find a current link for the parts to order and want to put something more permanent than plastic.
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I'm about to do the fix. Also had the seat heater burn up so fixing that as well. Loved the smell of burning cushion at the stoplight. Not bad for 14 yr old truck.
Give me the update.

Some pages say it's for the seat track and mine is the seat back itself shifting and I see the same issue they talked about.

What are you going to use for the shims?
Going the plastic oil funnel route. Have plenty of that. Although I could sand cast some pieces out of bronze as well. Prob game time decision. Mine is the screw drive mechanism. Kind of wish it had been the seat back. Going to be a few weeks before I can get after it. Installing a furnace tomorrow and then the holidays, which I could do without.
Mine is the seatback and it's screw drive mechanism also
So I ended up using aluminum for the fix. Lowe's had 1/8 x 1/2" for $6. I ground it down to fit then drilled my holes with 21/64 bit. Not too shabby and fixed my wobble. And I forgot to pay attention to orientation and got to put it together twice. Go me!
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Has anyone every found replacement seat track bushing kit? I found this one on Amazon - it has zero reviews.

Nope looked for several months but kept hitting dead ends.
I still had a slight pop on hard accelerations still after my above fix. Found a bolt in the seat back had loosened a bit. It's #12 on the diagram. Took it out and added blue loctite to it. It was around a half turn loose.
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