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My 2006 TBSS has a new AC Delco battery. All has been fine. Truck has been parked for a few days while I install electric fans. All accessories inside have been working fine. I removed the fan clutch (mainly because it was bad, throwing code P1482), so I thought what a great opportunity to install electric fans. I got the kit in with my computer reprogrammed as well as a battery cable upgrade from PCM of NC. Installed it yesterday with a manual switch for the fans, and all worked great. The switch operated the fans perfectly, high and low speed. I finished up for the night so since I didn’t have the switch install completed, I just removed the ground from the switch.

So I go out to the garage this morning to finish putting the covers and air box back together and test the fans one more time with the switch and it works great. So I finished mounting it and put all items back together under the hood. Fast forward about 5 hours to this afternoon and now the battery is dead all of a sudden. So dead that the interior lights barely flicker when turned on. The power door locks won’t work. I took a battery voltage reading of 3.5V. Which is obviously low, but not sure what drained it so much. I didn’t have this issue before. I unhooked the battery for a little bit, then hooked it back up and then everything worked perfectly again! Weird! So I thought it was fixed. Go inside for about an hour or two, come back out and same thing. Battery acts dead again. Checked voltage, 3V again. I unhooked it all again, and then checked the battery voltage while unhooked and the voltage moved to 6V and kept climbing. Now after sitting here with it unhooked from the truck, voltage is up to 10V.

Any ideas what is causing this? I’ve probably included too much info, and omitted something important, but it’s just odd. Keep in mind, the truck is just sitting in a heated/cooled garage and hasn’t been ran. So I wouldn’t think it would be a fuse box, as that normally happens during the heat cycle on these.

Any suggestions?

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Iv had an underhood charger in my truck since the same upgrades due to battery drain overnight. You could be a hundridair if you solve the problem..

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If you have access to a multimeter, I can probably help you figure it out.
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