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Control Arms/Bushings

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I am going to be installing the lowering collars and the Addco sway bars here soon. I understand that it will be better if I install the DJM control arms for the Ball angle, but can I get those without ordering the whole kit. How much damage am I doing if I do not install the arms?

Also, is there any companies making upgraded bushing for suspension components?
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whoops...that was supposed to go under my login...
Norcal did you happen to find out what size bushings I need for the front on the 07 TBSS?
SInce the 2 set hotchkis gave me arent right?
:biggrin2:I asked Tbyrne if there was issues with the bushing for the O7 models and they said they contacted Hotchkis and there was no issues. Anothr strike for Tbyrne.
but then what am I going to do with the springs and the strut mounts...I jsut wan the damn control arms
1 - 4 of 29 Posts
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