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This past week I think my I6 TB has developed an electrical issue. It all started one night after work when I started my truck to let it warm up while I washed up. Go out after about a half hour and the truck seems like it must have died. Go to restart it and it acts like a dead battery. We push the truck near the shop and hook up a battery charger. Turn the key to start it and it fires right up. No way this thing could have recharged itself this quick. It was not on the charger 20 seconds. We check the voltage at the battery and also do a charging system check and all is fine. Load both components and well they seem perfect.

Next day I head to work and I need to stop to get gas. Its cold here in Chicago so I leave my truck running and pump my fuel. While the truck is getting filled up I get back in to stay warm. Watching the fuel pump gauge climb until its full. Just as the pump shuts itself off because the tank is full my fuel gauge goes to empty and stays there after pumping 22 gallons. I tried to cycle the ignition off twice and well it did not turn the light off. I figure well maybe the float in the tank stuck itself because I almost ran the dam thing out of gas in single degree temps.

Head to work and when I get to the shop the gauge is still on empty. I pop the hood and start looking for loose connections near the battery and all seems fine. Looking at the fuse box I see all these harnesses and figured maybe I have a bad connection. Start inspecting wires to see if anything is rubbed through and do some pulling and repositioning of the wires to see if anything changes. Look at my fuel gauge and now it goes to full and then down to 1/2 tank. Followed by going back to empty. I say screw it and have to get to work. One other thing I noticed while doing this and trying to restart the truck is I have to hold the key in the start position to start it. Normally you can just tap the start position and let off. Normally the starter will crank until it starts but not now. Weird I'm thinking it's possessed.

After work I go out to start the truck and all seems fine. Everything is working as it should and I'm like ok whats next. The only other issue I have had is at times my light to change from autotrac to 2wd will flash longer than normal until it engages. Yesterday I turned of the auto setting back to the 2wd setting and it flashed for almost an minute until it stayed constant.

Well I figured it was time to do some research here to see if I could narrow it down. It seems that ignition switches are issues with these trucks. One of the techs at work said to check the fuse box for loose or corroded terminals and another suggested the ignition switch. To be honest with you I have been away from working on cars for the better part of the last 10-15 years. I build transmissions full time and well lets face it I don't know about this type of stuff. Seems wierd to me that all this happened within a couple days and I have never had any of these issues.

Any help or suggestions would be great. I do have an extended GMPP for another 25K but to be honest I know I'm going to drop it off and if its not doing it they will tell me all is fine. Sorry for the long post but I did want to give as much info as possible. Thank you. Vince
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