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Well I need to get some pics up of my 06 SS, I just got my Scotts hood to the body shop yesterday so they can paint it to match the truck (Jewel Red), Had the Chrome 20" installed last week and slowly making some more process.

Im still looking for the Front Chrome badge, I did a search and a couple of people had links to a website but the links are now expired. If anyone can steer me in the direction of a website to get the chrome front badge it would be greatly appreciated.

Also I tried to remove the white inlay from the side SS badge and that was a Pain in the Fuc#%@$ A%$!!!! I only did the driver side one but managed to put some scrapes in it that I don't realy like.

Does someone just make a CHROME SS badge that I can swap out or do I need to go to the dealer and get another one and just be careful?

For any input!
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