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Alright, I finally finished all of the other non TBSS related projects I had going on so now it is time for me to fix my idle/start-up issue.

  • Cold Start - Idles like it has a HUGE cam for about 1 min then finally settles in to a smooth idle.
  • Warmed up - Runs smooth until I have to come to a stop and then it will idle poorly (not as bad as the start-up) for a few seconds, then smooths back out.

Checked all the clamps on the intake and they are tight, no leaks.
Cleaned throttle body.
Cleaned MAF.
Added a bottle of Chevron Techron to the gas.
Did the whole SeaFoam treatment through the brake booster line.
No codes, No burnt wires.

Any ideas on what might be causing this? If it was a vacuum leak I figure it would do it all the time. Fuel Filter?

I took my boss to lunch the other day and when I started up the truck he asked me what the spec's were on my cam :dunno:

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Post a video of it.

1. When did this idle issue begin?
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