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Wow.. enough abbreviations? Has anyone ever tried calculating the amount of time it will take for the exhaust to reach the wideband when transitioning from say.. 50% throttle to WOT. What is the exhaust flow of stock heads with long tubes and no cats? The cam I have will impact this as well, but right now I just need a rough estimate. It *looks* like ~.2 seconds; .3 seconds for 100% accuracy. This was in gear and not exactly "easing" into it.. My transient fueling is a little too "over compensated" on the accel side.

And why the fuck was I getting 2.8 KR at 5200 RPM when I was at 12.51 AFR? I have 1.5 degrees less PE/COT spark correction than stock. For those that don't know what I am referring to; its spark added when in PE mode.. I should probably just zero this out and adjusting in the HO table.

K.. back on topic.. So if I knew the exhaust flow #s and the volume and length of exhaust travel path.. I could approximate how much delay there is in the wbo2 readings.. Correct?

Also.. this depends on the software you are using to log and how many parameters you are logging. In hp tuners if you are logging at 10 frames per second, the lc-1 is being sampled 4x and then averaged into the 10fps format. I log at 20.. I'm pretty sure that the max EIO (hptuners input) is 40 fps. Which is barely touching the sample rate of the LC-1 (they say 200-300Hz)
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