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Bumper hitting the ground

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For those of you who are lowered, have you ever just hit something that is a little off the ground, or even a tall speed bump, with your front bumper just because you're low?

The reason I ask is because I looked today and my damn front bumper is cracked near the brake duct. And I'm sitting at 32". Stock. I don't wanna lower the SS if I'm gonna keep fuckin up my bumper
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I havnt hit anything, my bumper fits over parking spot bumpers and I'm at 30.75 all around
Yup....Im pretty low too and I never hit anything....But if you drive it like its stock heighth, youll do damage. Driving a lowered car IMO, requires actual though about approaches to some scenarios...Cant just blast over speed bumps and into raised driveway.

Yeah even at stock height I baby it over bumps cause even stock the bumper does hang pretty close to the ground
Not my first lowered vehicle and I've yet to smack something with my bumper due to clearance issues.
You just have to be aware of how much room you got to work with.

I have to back out of my driveway at an angle to keep from scraping
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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