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Going to be in Cleveland tonight, and tomorrow will be in Niagara Falls. Day after will be heading up to Camden maine, but will be stopping somewhere in Vermont for an overnight stay.

Have plans most days, but would love to do dinner with some of you hguys I havent met yet. Might even line up the granps mobile against a couplevof you guyss SS's and show ya what a stock engine V6 can do with a few tweaks (grinz) :)

It should destroy any 12sec trucks from a roll. Not much traction from a dead stop due to 2.4sec 60' times. But its around 400-425 at the crank due to 14-15psi when its cooler out. Has 1.85 rockers to add 35hp atop the stock cam. Headers, massively ported heads and intake(s)
By me. Home made CAI, huge Northstar V8 TB, 300 stall (came with it), 3" mandrel exh with the Dynomax VT muffler from the old SS and of course tuned by me :)

Let me know via text if ur interested.

Hope to c some a ya soon!

Waler 262 391-9974
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