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Hey folks. I've been trolling around this sight for a few weeks now. I'm usually to busy with the new baby to get to actually type on my computer (anyone holding an 8 month old knows how much they squirm). Thought I'd take the time to say hello.

I picked up my TBSS about 2 months ago. I had an 05 Nissan Armada but it took up to much room in my garage to the point I was "thinking" of getting rid of my motorcycle (shivers in disbelief). To make a long story short I became interested in the TBSS for the family car. I looked high and low for a low mileage, used one (I never buy new). A couple of Friday's ago I got off work with the plan to drive to Ft. Myers that evening to buy one I found on I took one last look on the sight before I hit the road only to find an 06 3SS with about 8k miles for 25k (which I quickly negotiated to 24.3k before even getting in my car) right around the block from my house. The TBSS was pretty much show room, except for a few mods the previous owner did (red calipers with SS logos, some debadging, and the all silver bow tie up front).

To be honest the TBSS is the "wife's car" since she handles all the baby appointments, my "cars" are a 2006 Cobalt SS/SC (30 mpg) and a 2000 Honda RC51 since I drive over 50 miles a day and the wife works less than 10 miles from home, but when the weekend comes the TBSS is all mine.

Hope to get a tune and a few other mild mods in the near future. I've already gotten a few ideas based on some of your mods.

This seems like the best TBSS community out there!
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